PTSA Mission 

Audubon PTSA is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization made up of Audubon families and staff. We work to improve the education, safety, and health of the children in our community.

 PTSA Goals

  1. Help every child, family and staff member believe they are a welcome part of the greater Audubon community by providing ongoing, updated information about school programs in Enews and a website and by sponsoring social events in which all students, families and staff can participate.
  2. Support Audubon to help the school provide the best education possible for all students by enhancing classroom experiences, field trips, assemblies, cultural experiences, physical education and reading.
  3. Help make the school  safe for students and staff through support of emergency preparation, valets, and enhanced signage. 

Membership Benefits

Check out the benefits of PTSA Membership online!

Grab your Audubon PTSA membership card and log on to National PTA to take advantage of PTA discounts from companies like AARP, Hertz, MetLife, Schwan's Cares, Sharp,  Staples and Sylvan.

You will be prompted for the username and password that is located on the back of your Audubon PTSA card to log in; some of the special offers may require your membership number, too.

 PTSA Membership FAQ

 1.  Why should I become a member of PTSA?

Your membership (single, family and staff) adds your voice to the advocacy work done at our regional and WA State PTA - advocacy to make all WA public schools better, and better funded! More members means more advocacy, more delegates in Olympia, and more time with Legislators.

 2. If one parent joins PTA, why do you ask that the other parent join, too?

As with any advocacy organization, the more members, the louder the political voice. So, while it is not arequirement that every adult in the family join PTSA, we encourage you to help make the organization as strong an advocate as possible.

 PTSA Funding FAQ

1. I paid my PTSA membership dues, why do I have to donate to Audubon PTSA, as well?

Membership dues go to the Washington State PTA, the National PTA and the Council PTSA. Audubon receives only a small percentage of the membership dues. Every dollar you donate to Audubon PTSA goes directly to benefiting the lives of Audubon students. PTSA members also get the benefit of accessing the online student directory.

2. Can I donate to Audubon PTSA without becoming a member?

Yes, but we encourage you to do both. Also, only members can access the directory and enroll their students in Extended Classes.

3. What does my donation pay for?

Your donation touches every Audubon student every day. Please see our budget for a comprehensive list of all the ways in which Audubon's PTSA helps augment the cost of educating your child. Here are just a few...

Getting to and from school: PTSA organizes the valets and purchases the safety patrol equipment.

During school: $300/classroom for supplies, $3,500 for art programs, $4,000 for school-wide IXL subscription, $10,500 to subsidize the cost of field trips, and more.

Just in case: Emergency equipment for the school and individual emergency kits for each classroom.

PTSA Meeting Minutes 

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PTSA Financial Reports

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