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Audubon PTSA is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization made up of Audubon families and staff. We work to improve the education, safety, and health of the children in our community.

2018-19 PTSA Membership Totals

411 Adult members. Thank you parents for becoming a PTSA member!

Membership goal - 100%, we need 615 memberships. 




Why Should You Join PTSA?

Do you like art work your child bring home? PTSA funds and supports the Art Docent program who make this possible. 

Do you like events like school dance and Back to School BBQ? PTSA funds and coordinates these events for Audubon families. 

Do you like enrichment programs after school, MATH night, Science Fair? PTSA funds and facilitates volunteers to run these programs

Does your child like RAZ kids or codeables? PTSA funds these programs for the whole school. 

Does your child like Math Challenge? PTSA funds and coordinates math challenges through the school year.

Have you participated in Staff Appreciation events by making a small snack item or food donation? PTSA funds several staff appreciation events, providing goodies and treats for all our staff members as a way of thanking our teachers for the wonderful work they do with our children. 

Have you volunteered in your child's class field trip? PTSA funds and supports field trips for all grades in the school. 

These are few of the many many things PTSA bring to our school. We cannot do this without the voice of our membership. Please support us. Become a member today!


Membership Benefits

PTSA single membership value is only $15 but the number of benefits you get out if it is invaluable! Primarily you add strength to our PTSA with your membership, the more members the bigger is our voice to collectively bring programs that our membership likes. There are several other benefits that come with your membership.

  • PTSA members get access to online student directory (a great resource for play dates) and early enrollment and discounted rates for extended classes. Click here for online directory
  • PTSA members directly participate in advocacy for kids, you can be a voice and vote at PTA meetings.
  • PTSA members get great member benefits at Fed Ex., Great Wolf Lodge, and several other merchant discounts.
  • PTSA members make the PTA unit. We need your membership to function as a local PTA and be able to bring programs and activities for students.  


Merchant Discounts Available

Remember the merchant discounts! You can use your PTSA membership cards to get several cool deals from merchants. Here are a few popular ones -

  • Pacific Northwest Ballet Nutcracker - 10% discount on tickets!
  • Wild Waves Theme & Water Park - $7 off online ticket purchases to Holiday with Lights!
  • Great Wolf Lodge - 30% off!
  • Tickets At Work - 20 – 70% off on movies, hotels, shows, concerts, sporting events and more!
  • FedEx Office - discounts on copies and production services!
  • Grab your Audubon PTSA membership card and log on to National PTA to take advantage of PTA discounts from companies like AARP, Hertz, MetLife, Schwan's Cares, Sharp,  Staples and Sylvan.

You will be prompted for the username and password that is located on the back of your Audubon PTSA card to log in; some of the special offers may require your membership number, too.

PTSA Membership FAQ


1.  Why should I become a member of PTSA? 

Your membership (single, family and staff) adds your voice to the advocacy work done at our regional and WA State PTA - advocacy to make all WA public schools better, and better funded! More members means more advocacy, more delegates in Olympia, and more time with Legislators.


 2. If one parent joins PTA, why do you ask that the other parent join, too?

As with any advocacy organization, the more members, the louder the political voice. So, while it is not a requirement that every adult in the family join PTSA, we encourage you to help make the organization as strong an advocate as possible.