Audubon PTSA EZ Grant FAQ

1. What is an EZ Grant?

An EZ grant is a request for a project, program, equipment or supplies that would be paid from PTSA funds designated via the EZ Grant budget. EZ grants may be awarded to support requests from individual teachers or entire departments/grades.

EZ grants are awarded to support the Audubon PTSA mission, as well as enhance the curriculum and dynamic learning environment of Audubon Elementary.  Audubon PTSA is looking to fund programs, events, or items that have a long term impact on the school community as a whole.

2. How do I apply for an EZ Grant?

Grant requests will be reviewed and prioritized by the Audubon PTSA “Ways and Means Committee”. The committee will recommend grant requests to the PTSA Board of Directors and General Membership for final approval. 

4. What is the timeline for the application process?

Grants will be approved and recommended in Fall/Winter and if funds are still available, again in Spring.  Information regarding specific application dates will be announced via E-News and can be found on the application form which is posted on the PTSA website.

See PTSA Dollars hard at work!

EZ Grants awarded for 2014-15

EZ Grants awarded for 2013-14

EZ Grants awarded for 2010-11