Chairs: Roles & Responsibilities

Art Docent: Audubon’s Art Docent program is totally funded and operated by volunteers. Each classroom at school receives a monthly art lesson that includes information about the type of art or the artist as well as a project to take home. The Art Docent chairs recruit and help train the docent volunteers, maintain art supplies and coordinate the class locations with the school and other PTSA members. Volunteer hours required: 150 hours, about 3 hours per week (sometimes more sometimes less). September and May are busy months with back to school recruiting and International Night Art Fair.

Audubon Family Dinner Nights (AFDN): Seeking fundraising foodie to help run Audubon Family Dinner Nights!Have you been to any of the Audubon Family Dinner Nights this year (Crossroads B & G, Spice Route, Red Robin)?Do you have ideas for other restaurants that we could contact? Would you help run this program for Audubon PTSA? You would get a some serious hand holding from a couple of people who have run this program before. We usually have between 6-8 events a school year. For each event, you will probably need to set aside about 5 hours. That would involve contacting the restaurant, taking care of the paper work, getting the flyer ready, printing and distributing the flyers.

Emergency Preparedness: State law requires Audubon to be ready for any kind of emergency. The district holds monthly meetings about the planning and implementation of school emergency preparation. Our ER Prep chair is in charge of ensuring that our emergency supplies are inventoried and updated, coordinating with principal and school staff about emergency plans and attending district meetings. Much of the work can be done with the help of other volunteers and with flexible timing. Total volunteer time: 20-26 hours over the year.

Extended classes: The extended class program at Audubon is one of the most important programs PTSA sponsors. Students are able to enjoy after school classes including arts, science, languages and exercise. Extended class chair/s sets up contracts with outside vendors to provide classes, coordinates classroom utilization with school, processes class fees and vendor payments, and schedules chaperones for each class. Total volunteer time: 120 hours per year (60 hours per co-chair), with most of the time coming 2 weeks before and after the 2 semester starts.

Grant Writing: Grants for elementary schools can be extremely helpful for obtaining supplies, funding programs and more. There are many different types of grants available for projects and needs at Audubon. If you want to volunteer but need to do it on your own time this is a great opportunity for you. Grant writing involves researching grant opportunities, discussing grants with teachers and the principal, and writing the grants. Volunteer time: variable.

Hearing and vision: Coordinate with School Nurse to set up hearing and vision screening for the day, coordinate volunteers and refreshments for volunteers for the day. Time: 10 hours total in early October. (6 hours will likely be day of the event unless you coordinate someone to be there coordinating for you that day)

Holiday Helping Hands: A great job for someone who wants to put a smile on a child’s face for Christmas. Responsibilities involve coordinating with counselor, making “mittens,” coordinating mitten distribution volunteers and collecting and wrapping gifts. Total time commitment: 15-20 hours with main responsibilities fall between Mid-Nov and early December.

Ice Cream Social: Someone who doesn’t mind getting their fingers sticky. Coordinating ice cream donation (if possible), coordinating volunteers and purchasing sundae toppings. Total time: 15 hours in mid-to end of March.

International Night: The greatest event we do all year. This chairperson needs to be someone who is passionate about celebrating the diversity at Audubon. This event is coordinated between Art Docent chairs, PE teachers, and PTSA members. Time: 2 hours per week beginning in February; 5 hours per week the 3 weeks before the event and 5-10 hours the week of the event. Total: 30-40 hours but worth it.

International Games Night: Someone who enjoys board games and meeting people from around the world. Marketing in Enews, coordinating families, craft table and volunteers to help run trivia game. Time: 8-10 hours total in October.

Kindergarten Registration: Remember kindergarten registration when you first started? Isn’t it nice to see a kind, helpful face? If you want to help make registration a positive experience for everyone, this chair position is for you. Coordinate with Kathy Weiss, front office registrar, and recruit and train volunteers for registration day. Total hours: about 8 including registration day. Registration is always in the beginning of February.

Parent Parking Lot helpers: Train valet volunteers and coordinate schedule of daily parent valet volunteers. Each valet shift is only 30 minutes long. Total hours: about ½ hour per month coordinating schedule--not including any shifts that chair chooses to fill.

Read Across America: Help us celebrate the Dr. Seuss’ birthday the week of March 2nd each year. The chairperson oversees the events of the week: coordinate with PTSA president to plan the Bedtime stories event/General membership meeting Thursday night, organize the used book exchange/sale, daily morning Dr. Seuss quiz and decorating the front display case. Feel like getting creative? Add or change events as desired as this is a week meant to celebrate the joys of reading. Volunteer hours required: 10-20 hours between mid-February and the first week of March.

Reflections: The Reflections Program is a National PTA and Washington State PTA cultural arts competition. The purpose of this program is to provide an opportunity for students to use their creative talents by expressing themselves through their own original works. The reflections chairperson sends out flyers and information about the program, collects the children’s submissions, arranges the judging process and promotes the winning entrees to the district for judging. Training and support are provided by the LWPTSA Council. Total time (program is held between September and December): 40-50 hours.

Science fair: Work in conjunction with the teachers and school administration to organize and put on the Audubon science fair, including the kick off assembly, ordering and distributing the science fair boards, creating certificates, organizing volunteers for pictures and for the day of the event. Volunteer hours required: 50-60 with most hours in January and February.

Skate King: 1-2 skate nights a year. ½ hour-1 hour marketing time prior to event (sending Enews and kid mail flyers home); have 1-2 volunteers at event to help take money. Total time for year: 7 hours (3 hours for each night) September and February.

Special Needs Liaison:Represent Audubon at the Lake Washington PTA Council level, attending the district Council Special needs monthly meetings and workshops, and disseminating the information to the Audubon community through enews and the website. Volunteer hours needed: 2-3 hours per month for meetings and brief summaries.

Staff appreciation: Coordinate teacher and staff special breakfasts and lunches throughout the school year, organize staff birthday recognition and plan and oversee events during Teacher Appreciation Week. Total volunteer hours: 4-5 hours per month, depending on how much work is delegated with other volunteers. (Staff appreciation attracts many helpful volunteers so this chair can receive a great deal of help if desired.)

Student class photos: Coordinate 2-4 volunteers for each of 3 photo days during year. Work with office manager for scheduling photo days. Coordinate or have volunteer coordinate during each day. Total time: 1 hour coordination time, 18 hours (6 hours for each day) event time.

Welcome back Coffee: Someone who enjoys hosting a brunch and meeting new people. Job entails coordinating purchase of baked goods and fruit, coffee, tea, arranging flower donations from parents, decorating room (library) and hosting event. Time: 10 hours total over first two mornings of school.

Welcome back BBQ: Do you like to plan a good party? This job is for you. This is a terrific, big event and pre-planning is a must but outline and contact information are available. Coordinating food vendor, entertainment, PTSA information, scout troop volunteers, crowd control. Time: Planning begins in April at 1-2 hours per week until June. No time needed then until the beginning of August. Total time 30-40 hours.

Winter Dance: Organize the annual winter dance, including food, music, photos, novelty sales and volunteers. If you love to plan a festive party, this is a great event to coordinate. Volunteer hours needed: Planning starts 2 months in advance, 1-2 hours per week. 20-30 hours total 1 month time.

Year book: Collect pictures from classrooms and events throughout the year, coordinate group picture day with school photography company and office manager, use online program to design yearbook with the help of other volunteers, advertise and sell yearbooks from April to June. Total time: 50-60 hours, most of the time in March.