PTSA Board Members

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Roles and responsibilities of the various Board positions
Roles and responsibilities of various Chair positions
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PTSA Board of Directors

 PTSA Board of Directors for 2018-19 are:


Lilach Geppert-Shapira


Efrat Hurvitz


Trina Ring

Hanyue Jiang

VP Communications

Chitra Ramalingam

Co-VPs Outreach

Anne Dang

Laura Bullock

Co-VPs Fundraising

Ganesh Sankarakumar 

Tamar Hefets

Co-VPs Events

Celine Moreau

Meyrav Altaras

VP School Services

Dalia Apple

Preethi Prakash

VP Student Enrichment

Cristiane Wegmann

Audubon PTSA is very actively involved in creating and maintaing several student activities and enrichment programs. Below is a glimpse of the different variety of items that PTSA is involved in. You can contact the chairs for any information about a particular program.  

Communications Chairs

PTSA eNews, Website

Chitra Ramalingam


Events Chairs


Back to School BBQ

Meyrav Altaras

International Night

Rachel Pai

Math Puzzle Hunt

Lilach Geppert-Shapira 

Tamar Hefets

Read Across America

Trina Ring

Welcome Back Coffee


School Dance 

Tamar Hefets


Fundraising Chairs

Box Tops

Lani Banning

School Pool

Cris Wegmann 


Yukie Sakurai and Simmi Gupta


Chitra Ramalingam


Student Enrichment Chairs

Art Docent


Audrey Guidi, Jen Jones

Extended Classes

Anita Yue

Patrick Nie

Math Challenge

Lior Shapira

Lilach Geppert-Shapira


Rachel Pai


School Services Chairs

Emergency Prep Chair

Joshua Kelch

Hearing and Vision


Kindergarten Registration

Vicky Gee


Parent Parking Lot Helpers

Alfredo De Almeida

Special Needs

Lior Bakshitz


Staff Appreciation

Amy Rudkin and Lauren Wiley


Student Class Photos




Simi Gupta and Valeria Mercz



Advocacy Chair              



Volunteer Coordinator              


Vicky Gee


Ways and Means Committee

Becky Stansell

Conni Irias

Jorge Santos

Trina Ring

Hanyue Jiang