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The Math Challenge Program is a series of math problems published every other week on this website and the Audubon PTSA eNews. The purpose of the program is to engage students in math problems that apply classroom knowledge but move beyond rote skills to word-based problems typically found in higher-level math. Families are encouraged to solve the problems with the students. For questions contact Lior Shapira


General Information

The first math challenge will be available 9/21/2018. There will be a total of 15 math challenges throughout the year. If you submit (and answer enough questions) at least 12 math challenges you will be entitled to a certificate and prize at the end of the year. The schedule for the math challenges is available here (a partial schedule can be seen below in the 'Math Challenges' section)


This year you can submit in one of three ways

  1. Put your math challenge in the yellow box located in the school's main office by the due date.
  2. Use this online form to upload a scan of your filled out math challenge by the due date.
  3. Use the online form specific to each challenge (see below) to fill out the answers to the math challenge and submit by the due date.

Late submissions will not be accepted.


Math Challenges

Math Challenge 1 "Working Backward" 

Math challenge available 9/21/2018 to be submitted by 9/27/2018

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... Submit Online

Math Challenge 2

Will be available October 5th, to be submitted October 11th.

Math Challenge 3

Will be available October 19th, to be submitted October 25th.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many math challenges will there be? how many must I complete?

There will be a total of fifteen challenges. You don't "have" to complete any, but if you complete twelve (and answer enough correct questions in each), you'll get a certificate at the end of the year

How do you determine the winners in each math challenge?

In most math challenges we randomly select ~20 students from the participants who answered enough questions correctly. Those students receive a small prize and usually have their names called out over the PA system. Some challenges (see schedule) are holiday challenges in which everyone who answered correctly is a winner.

Do students of different grades get different challenges?

No. All students K-5th get the same challenge. However every two grades need to answer a different number of questions, which ramp up in difficulty as you progress.

Can you explain how to submit the math challenge?

In previous years you had to physically submit the challenge on the due date, into the yellow box in the main office. This year we're adding two online options which we're hoping will make it easier:

  1. Use an online form, in which you enter some personal information (name, email, grade, teacher, challenge #) and upload a scan of the math challenge (can be a photo of the challenge you took with your phone, as long as its legible).
  2. Use an extended online form, in which you can answer the questions of the math challenge online, and submit. 


Photo by AJC1 (CC-SA-2.0)