The Math Challenge Program is a series of math problems published every other week on this website and the Audubon PTSA eNews. The purpose of the program is to engage students in math problems that apply classroom knowledge but move beyond rote skills to word-based problems typically found in higher-level math. Families are encouraged to solve the problems with the students.

For questions contact Lior Shapira or Lilach Geppert-Shapira

Welcome to Math Challenge 2017-18!

New Schedule for 2017-18 - 2017-18 Math Challenge Calendar

Math Challenge 15 - Math Without Numbers

Challenge #15 is here and is due May 3rd.

Math Challenge 14 - Areas and Lengths 

Challenge #14 is done and was due April 19th. Solutions.

Math Challenge 13 - Measurements

Challenge #13 is done and was due April 12th. Solutions.

Math Challenge 12

Challenge #12 is here! It was due March 22nd 2018, solutions are here

Math Challenge 11 - Draw a Model

The eleventh challenge is here! Was due March 8th 2018, Good luck! Solutions are here

Math Challenge 10 - Sum Difference Product and Quotient

The tenth challenge is done! It was due March 1st 2018, and was a Holiday challenge! Good luck!

Math Challenge 9 - The Month Of February

The ninth challenge is here! It is due February 8th 2018, good luck!

Math Challenge 8 - Winter Activities

The eighth challenge is done! It was due January 25th 2018. Solution is here

Math Challenge 7 - Even more winter

The seventh challenge is here! It is due January 11th 2018, good luck! The solution is here

Math Challenge 6 - Winter

The sixth challenge has arrrived!, its due December 7th 2017. The solution is here

Math Challenge 5 - Mo' Money Mo' (math) problems

The fifth challenge has arrrived!, it was due November 30th 2017. Solution is here.

Math Challenge 4 - Money and Coins

The fourth challenge is here, all about money and coins. It is due November 9th 2017. Good luck! The solution is here

Math Challenge 3 - Halloween

The third challenge is spooky and halloween-y, and is due October 26th 2017. Good luck! The solution is here.

Math Challenge 2 - Digits, Numerals and Numbers

The second math challenge has come and gone, the solution can be found here.

Math Challenge 1 - Pizzas and Pies!

The first math challenge was all about pizzas and pies. The solution can be found here

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Remember to: 
1. Clearly write your first and last name, teacher and grade at the top of the page.
2. Always try more problems than required for your grade level so that you may still qualify for prizes in case you miss any.
3. Please staple multiple pages together to receive full credit.
4. Put your Math Challenge paper in the yellow box located in the school's main office by the due date.


Listen to the Monday morning announcements following the due date to learn if you've won a prize.


For the holiday challenge your teacher will pass out the prize to you.


Students who've completed 12 or more Challenges will be honored at the end-of-year Award ceremony in June 2018.


For any questions and comments reach out to

Lior Shapira ( and Lilach Geppert-Shapira (