Hello Docents!

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year!  We are so happy to have you be part of our program.  
If you missed the art docent orientation on September 27, don't worry.  The program still needs you.  A link to the presentation is available here. Art Docent Orientation Presentation 2017-18
If you would like to join the art docent program, please register as a volunteer with the school and complete the background check necessary for all volunteers.  Then please contact  Athena Rospo to share your interest.  She will add you to our mailing list to keep you up to date on docent events.

 Docent Training October 15

As in past years we will hire local Maxine Pippin to lead a hands-on training session on Sunday, October 15, 2017 from 1:00 to 4:00 PM in the Board Room at the LWSD Resource Center located in Redmond Town Center (address: 16250 NE 74th St, Redmond, WA 98052).  Maxine will provide us with lesson ideas and practical tips to help us get ready for a great new school year.  We tend to receive great feedback about these training sessions; docents leave feeling much more prepared to teach than they did when they walked into the session.  This is also a perfect opportunity to meet some fellow docents and to relax and make art in a friendly setting.
Athena will send out a Sign-up Genius survey to invite all docents to the training session.  Please do sign up if you plan to attend.  We need to know how many materials to prepare ahead of time.  Thank you!

Art Lesson Library

We now have a growing Art Docent Lesson Library of PowerPoint presentations on artists and art styles created by our dedicated volunteers. Artist/styles include Paul Klee, Winslow Homer, Gustav Klimt, John James Audubon, Joan Miró, Georgia O'Keefe, Georges Seurat, Aboriginal dot painting, Native American art, Zentangle and more. Feel free to reuse these lessons or download them to help inspire your own lesson planning.  You may contact Audrey Guidi (co-chair for art curriculum) if you have questions.

The lessons in the Art Docent Lesson Library have been organized into subfolders by art medium, (3D Clay, 3D Not Clay, Collage, Drawing, Mixed Media, Printmaking, Soft Pastel, Tempera or Acrylic, Watercolor), and consistently named to make clear which files belong to a project.  In some cases there are several files for the same project, for example:
Sharpie-2nd-Zentangle-Info.docx - files with this name have lesson plan and parent info sheet combined

Docents should not edit the files in the Lesson Library, but you should be able to download files and edit them on your local machine if you would like to adapt them for your own lesson plans. 

The Art Docent Handbook is available at this location as well.  It contains helpful planning guidance and definitions of art terminology. 

Please donate your completed art lessons to help us expand our lesson library!  To upload files:  Click on this link, Upload Lessons Here - Thanks, and upload your files.  Audrey will periodically sort them to the appropriate medium subfolder.  


 International Night

We are starting to think about ideas for International Night 2018. 
For the International Night Art Walk, each class usually chooses a more complex art project that takes the time of two 1-hour lessons to complete. Here is a link to photos of the many wonderful displays enjoyed on the evening of May 25, 2017:  https://1drv.ms/f/s!AhHgavJESWum-Uciz6FFq_67TxmY.

Please remember to submit an electronic copy of PowerPoint slide deckssummary sheet and lesson plan (for future use) to art@audubonptsa.org.  Your hard work should be saved for posterity!

All check requests for reimbursements must be submitted by <date tbd, but last year it was June 2> to the art docent box for Docent Co-Chair signature. 

Please plan on taking down your art by June 16th to get it returned to students before the end of school. Also remove the bulletin board paper. If it is in decent shape to use to cover desks. Fold it and bring it to the art room for reuse. Remove all staples from the bulletin boards.

 Important Reminders

To make the end last part of the year go as smoothly as possible, please remember to:

Write your name/class/needed supplies in the art room calendar to make sure that you have the supplies, cart, drying rack, trays, etc. that you need when the time for your lesson comes.

Label the supplies that you assemble for an upcoming class with your name, phone, number, teacher name, and date of class. Please gather supplies just a day or two before your class so that the supplies are available for other docents to use.

Store partially completed projects, or finished projects, at home, in your child’s classroom, or on top of the rolling cabinets in the Art Room labeled with your name, your class, and your phone number. We have limited space in the PTSA office.

Clean up after yourself. Every class needs to wipe tables, sweep the floor, empty the recycle bin, clean supplies (especially brushes), put away supplies. The same goes for the PTSA office.

Display, label, and return artwork. Please include a label with displayed artwork. See example attached to email. There are many artworks in the hallway that would be interesting to know more about, but there is no information about how it was done or whether it was an art docent project.




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