Jul 15
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This is the Audubon PTSA site, run by parent, teacher and student volunteers at Audubon. If you are looking for official information from the school or district, please click here for the Audubon Elementary Website, or the LWSD website.


If you pre-ordered a yearbook, your student should have received their yearbook on Friday, June 15th. If you did not pre-order a yearbook, we will have a limited supply of yearbooks for sale at the front of the school after dismissal, starting on Monday, June 18th. Those yearbooks will be sold for $27 each on a first come, first served basis until our inventory is sold out.

If you have any questions, please email our yearbook chair, Valeria Mercz. Thank you.



PTSA would like to thank the wonderful people who came together to make the 2017-2018 school year such a phenomenal success!
  • Thanks to the generous financial support of our parents we raised $15,000 more than we thought we would.
  • Thanks to our supportive Audubon staff, PTSA was awarded the 100% staff membership award.
  • Thanks to our dedicated volunteers PTSA was able to organize many fun and enriching events and programs like Extended Classes, Art classes, Reflections, International Night, Math Puzzle Hunt, the Back to School BBQ, the Science Fair, Math Challenge, etc.
  • Finally, thanks to the exemplary leadership of our chairs and board members, our PTSA has continued the tradition of being an organization that embraces best practices in how we manage our finances, retain our records and conduct our business.

Thanks to all of you! Together, our community is stronger.


A note from the library: All library books and book fines were due June 8. Reminder notices were given to all students who still have overdue books or fines not paid. Check with your child. If your child cannot find his/her library book(s), please send in payment to cover the cost for replacement, or buy a new copy of the exact same book and send it to school with your child. If you find a book and return it, you do not need to pay a fine. Report cards will be held in the front office on the last day of school for students who still have overdue books/book fines. Thank you for helping to get all of our library books back to our school library!


If you pre-ordered a yearbook, your student will receive their yearbook by Friday, June 15th. If you did not pre-order a yearbook, we will have a limited supply of yearbooks for sale at the front of the school after dismissal, starting on Monday, June 18th. Those yearbooks will be sold for $27 each on a first come, first served basis until our inventory is sold out. Thank you.


Every Summer, Audubon PTSA hosts a series of informal play dates where new and returning families can drop in and make new friends, connect with old friends and just have fun!

Meet and Plays at the Audubon Playground take place from 10am to noon on July 11, July 25 and August 8.

Meet and Plays at Idylwood Park take place from 4:30pm to 6:30pm on July 18, August 1, August 15 & August 22.

If you have any questions, please contact Anne Dang & Laura Bullock.


Box Tops will be collected a final time during the last week of school. If you have any lingering at home, please send them in with your child. Thank you!

Please contact Lisa Wycoff for any questions.


Next year marks the 50th anniversary of the National PTA Reflections Art Competition and the theme will be “Heroes around me”. Our talented young artists are encouraged to start working on their artistic pieces for this competition over the Summer. If you have any questions, please contact Rachel Pai.


PTSA would like to introduce a question of the week section in each of our regularly scheduled Enews editions. Questions that will be published are ones that our organization gets frequently or ones that offer added insight and info to our families about how our organization works. Please feel free to submit questions that you would like to see featured, to with the title "Question of the week submission". Here are this week's question:

Question: Thank you for last week’s list of events and programs that PTSA funds. I was wondering: How does Audubon PTSA ensure that the money it receives is protected from embezzlement and that it is spent in accordance with the wishes of the membership?

Answer: Money and checks are never kept in a board member’s home. All cash is received and counted by two PTSA members – who both sign a receipt confirming the total before it is deposited. In accordance with our standing rules, there are only 4 board members who have the authority to sign checks on behalf of Audubon PTSA. The treasurers, who keep the check books, do not have check signing authority. Each check requires two signatures for it to be valid. Check signers cannot live in the same household or be part of the same family. Check requests for reimbursement require a receipt or invoice as proof of purchase. Each check request must be approved by a board member or chair who has oversight of the related expense before it will be reimbursed. Each month we have a board member who does not have check signing authority (and is not the treasurer) open and review the bank statements. The membership approves the budget, not the board. Any use of contingency funds for unexpected expenses cannot be approved by one board member. The majority of the board has to vote in favor of using contingency funds and even then, the board can only use up to the amount of money in the contingency line item of the budget that the membership has approved. Twice a year we have PTSA members, at least 1 of whom is not a board member, review our financial records to ensure that we’ve indeed been following these practices. Finally, we carry bond insurance to cover embezzlement, for the worst-case scenario where all of our protective measures fail.


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