Don't miss out on a yearbook again this year!Chitra Ramalingam8/25/201710/2/2017
Don't miss out on a yearbook again this year!
Pre-order your yearbook at the lowest price of the year when you buy an OWL Package!    Last year, Audubon PTSA introduced OWL packages as a convenient way to help parents take care of their PTSA membership, donation, yearbook and class photo purchases at the beginning of the school year - and at a discount! It was a grand success so we are bringing it back again this year. For a limited time - offer ends September 30, 2017 - OWL packages are available for purchase  here .   Each OWL package includes PTSA membership, PTSA donation , 1 discounted ... read full article
Jogathon 2018Chitra Ramalingam3/4/20183/18/2018
Jogathon 2018
  Our Jog-A-THON goal this year is $16,000 . This is our very popular annual fundraiser and students have been doing a great job bringing back their donation envelopes. Due date to bring back envelopes in March 16th . Prizes this year- Frozen Yogurt Party for the class with highest participation Grand Pizza Party for students who help to raise at least $100 in donations Free Recess Winners! Class at every grade level with the highest participation Weekly door prizes drawings for returned donation envelopes. See this week's prizes below. Slime event if we reach the goal! VOLUNTEER We need ... read full article
Jog-A-Thon ResultsChitra Ramalingam3/20/20184/3/2018
Jog-A-Thon Results
Donations Raised We raised $19,400! And more is coming in donation matching. We did fantastic in achieving above our Jog-A-Thon goal of $16,000. THANK YOU EVERYONE for your support!! Winners Grand WINNER for Highest Class Participation Ms. Hormel’s Kindergarten Class with 95% participation . Ms. Hormel’s class wins the Yogurt Ice Cream Party!!   Free Recess Winners Grade Class Participation KG Rorty 86% 1 Minuk & Ms. Veldee 70% 2 Mr. Hutchinson 79% 3 Ms. Holler 63% 4 Winkel 58% 5 Ms. Celeste 67%   Total Laps & Miles By Grade           What’s coming Otter pops ... read full article
Advocacy around Student SafetyGanesh Sankarakumar3/11/20183/15/2018
Advocacy around Student Safety
ADVOCACY AROUND STUDENT SAFETY At the March 2, 2018 Audubon PTSA General Membership Meeting, our membership agreed that student safety is important and also agreed that gun safety and violence prevention can easily become a politically divisive topic. Therefore, our membership voted not to endorse or support any measures/legislation/organizations/movements related to gun safety and violence prevention but instead instructed Audubon PTSA to pass along information related to this matter so that families in our community can stay informed and can decide for themselves what legislation, organizations, protests, etc. they would like to support. In accordance with the wishes of our membership, please ... read full article
Congratulations to Our REFLECTIONS Participants!Ganesh Sankarakumar12/3/20171/5/2018
Congratulations to Our REFLECTIONS Participants!
Thank you to our students and their supportive parents for participating in Reflections this year. Our talented students (please see the list of names below) produced some beautiful art. 15 of our 20 entries were selected to compete at the district level of the Reflections Competition (the names of those students are italicized).   Congratulations to the following Audubon students: Mia Hildebrand, Ridhi Rao Gundapuneni, Omkar Page, Leland Cartier, Vrinda Sankarakumar, Nico Fujii, Cody Runner, Logan Runner, Jinyi Kou, Ishaan Khowal, Harshini Kasinathan, Himadyuthi Gowda , Victoria Seto, Shani Bibliowicz, Nicole Millano, Trinity Jade Enrico-Darst, Guru Jyothi Sharanya Mulinti,  Neoilla MelniK, ... read full article
Audubon PTSA endorses and supports the Feb. 2018 Bond & Levy MeasuresGanesh Sankarakumar11/19/201712/3/2017
Audubon PTSA endorses and supports the Feb. 2018 Bond & Levy Measures
At the November 13, 2017 PTSA general membership meeting, the Audubon PTSA membership voted to both endorse and support the 1 bond and 2 levy measures that will be appearing on the Feb 13, 2018 ballot. The 2018 Bond will raise $299 million with no tax rate increase. It will fund building projects that address growth and overcrowding, as recommended by the Task Force. The Capital Projects levy funds critical facility and technology needs not funded by the state. The 2018 levy replaces the expiring levy with no tax rate increase. The Educational Programs & Operations (EP&O) levy funds program and operations ... read full article
What is the Audubon PTSA? What does this entity do?Ganesh Sankarakumar9/11/20179/30/2017
What is the Audubon PTSA? What does this entity do?
What is PTA membership and why should I join? Your membership (single, family and staff) adds your voice to the advocacy work done at our regional and WA State PTA - advocacy to make all WA public schools better, and better funded! More members means more advocacy, more delegates in Olympia, and more time with Legislators. What do I and my kids get from membership? Advocacy, but also: access to the Audubon online directory, access to enrollment in our Extended Classes after-school enrichment Program, and discounts to stores and attractions (including Joanns, Wild Waves and Great Wolf Lodge). Where does my membership money ... read full article