What is PTA membership and why should I join?
Your membership (single, family and staff) adds your voice to the advocacy work done at our regional and WA State PTA - advocacy to make all WA public schools better, and better funded! More members means more advocacy, more delegates in Olympia, and more time with Legislators.

What do I and my kids get from membership?
Advocacy, but also: access to the Audubon online directory, access to enrollment in our Extended Classes after-school enrichment Program, and discounts to stores and attractions (including Joanns, Wild Waves and Great Wolf Lodge).

Where does my membership money go?
The significant portion ($9 per member) of your membership ($15, $25) goes to our National PTA, WA State PTA and our district Council PTA to fund their activities.

Why should I donate to Audubon PTSA when I am already a PTA member?
As little as 28% of your membership stays at Audubon. So Audubon PTSA relies on your donations to fund our programs and events! 100% of your donations benefit the Audubon community. Donations enable the PTSA to provide Emergency Preparedness, art education, supplies and enrichment, family events, learning enrichment events for all students, classroom enrichment supplies, and more! See our budget for a complete list of things that PTSA pays for.

Why should I buy an OWL Package?
OWL Packages are a discounted, one-step way to achieve a lot of your PTSA goals. Membership remains the same - $15 single and $25 dual. Of this, $9 per member goes to the National, State and Council PTA's to support advocacy (including getting more state funding for public schools in WA!!) The OWL Packages are aimed at making it easy for families to access a range of PTSA solutions all at once - membership, donation, yearbook and class photos! 

The OWL Basic and OWL Boost, enable families to join (and get a voice through the PTSA) and to donate (enable the Audubon PTSA to provide all the services and events we do), and for families to get a discount for their yearbook and class photo (both of which are great memories for the kids and families!)
So, OWL Packages are a great and easy way to have your say, your events, and your memories!!! BUY YOUR OWL PACKAGE HERE!

Who organizes and runs Audubon PTSA activities?
We all do! Audubon PTSA is a completely volunteer run organization. Involvement by the whole school community is how all Audubon PTSA activities and enrichment happens. Audubon PTSA has an Executive Board who are elected volunteers who have oversight and accountability for programs and the budget. However, every service, event and experience, relies on our community of volunteers.

But, I'm too busy, my English isn't very strong, or I have younger children at home...

Volunteering doesn't have to be a big commitment! Just 30 minutes will help involve you and your family in the Audubon Elementary community. Can you help cut papers at home? Could you help set up seats before an event? Do you have art or technology skills, that you could help make flyers or posters to advertise events? Can you help organize other volunteers for events? Could you send in a plate of cookies to keep day long volunteers energized? There are so many ways to get involved!! 
I really want to get more involved? 
Great!! Welcome!! We're happy to have you! We all got started by just saying hello! Find an Audubon PTSA board member or chair at any event! Or email us -
Vicky Gee  OR info@audubonptsa.org   

Can only Audubon PTSA members enroll their students in an extended class?Yes! The Extended Classes program (after school activities and classes) are run by the Audubon PTSA and enrollment is a member-only benefit. You can enroll your child in any available class by logging into your account at www.audubonptsa.org 
Who can attend an Audubon PTSA Board meeting?
All PTSA members can attend Audubon PTSA Board meetings. The Board holds a monthly meeting on the second or third Thursday of the month, usually at 6:30 in the evening. All dates and locations are on the online calendar and advertised in the weekly digital newsletter called E-News. Members can come for the whole meeting, pop in for a short time, or email us any questions. The minutes from all meetings (except executive sessions) are available. Just ask.

All Audubon PTSA members are also welcome at our General Membership Meetings, held throughout the year - there are usually 4 per year. You will see flyers advertising General Meetings displayed around the school in the weeks before. General Meetings are usually held at the same time as an Audubon PTSA/school event.

Where can I get the Audubon PTSA Financial Records?
A copy of our current budget is available on our website. Our Treasurers hold a copy of all our financial records and we are happy to show these to you. Just get in contact with us to arrange a time.

What is Emergency Preparedness?
Audubon PTSA has a team of volunteers who stock the school with supplies in the event of an emergency. These supplies include potable water, food supplies and the red backpacks in each classroom that contain first aid packs, radios, flashlights, etc. Emergency Preparedness is fueled by Audubon volunteers and paid for by donations to the Audubon PTSA.  Of course, emergency supplies, if needed, are available to all students!!

Don't you guys just buy art supplies and coffee for the teachers?
No, we don't. We buy so much more! Take a look at our budget to see just how much we pay for.
Audubon PTSA does run the Art Docent program at Audubon. Through the Art Docent program, children in each grade are able to have monthly fine art lessons, access to the Artist in Residence, and produce art pieces for the Art Walk during the Audubon PTSA International Night. The Audubon PTSA also enables Audubon students to participate in the National PTA Art Reflections competition. Audubon students are great artists!!!

Audubon PTSA also runs a gratitude program for all Audubon Elementary staff, including classroom teachers, Instructional Assistants, Special Education teachers and the office staff. Staff Appreciation events are a great American school tradition, which remind us to pause and appreciate all the work, both paid and beyond school hours, that school staff devote to our children.
PTSA also pays directly for classroom enrichment supplies and activities for each classroom, pays for emergency preparedness training and supplies, funds the various social events throughout the school year, helps cover the cost of field trips so that parents pay less per field trip, helps fund the science fair, helps pay for assemblies, etc.