Some of new classes this session are Book Club and Outdoor Adventure. Both classes are doing great and turned out to be fun for the kids. Here is some insight into the class. 

Our new Book Club class is engaging and meaningful. We have been exploring the wonderful messages behind the story of The One and Only Ivan. We will soon be moving into a new book to explore its themes. We are having a great time by diving into its characters, working on art, and using technology to build meaningful connections to the story. We look forward to each and every new book that we focus on monthly.

 Seattle Adventure Sports has brought a new after school program to Audubon this fall! Outdoor Wilderness is an class that focuses on connecting children to the natural world, while also teaching them practical outdoor living skills such as shelter building, navigation, and basic first aid! Outdoor Wilderness students have already built their own shelters and tested them in a “hurricane”. How fun is that?"

Instructor, Outdoor Class